Fee Schedule

My commitment is to make customized nutrition and wellness simple, effective, and affordable. I pride myself in being completely upfront and reasonable with all fees, and at every opportunity, pass on as much savings to my clients as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are in need of my services but have questions or concerns of any kind, including financial.


New Client Consultation  $90/hr Current Special: $75/hr

This session consists of a complete and comprehensive, live intake which is conducted via phone, Skype — or for local clients who wish to meet in person — At my home office in New Hartford, NY.  It’s during this initial session that I will learn all about your current issues, health history, eating style, life style, and personal story. The length of the meeting varies, lasting anywhere from one to three hours depending on the depth of our discussion.  My holistic approach focuses on you the person as opposed to you the eater.  This approach doesn’t exclude food, it simply takes into account the many other factors that influence wellness.

Upon request, this meeting can be limited to addressing food alone, or to a particular time frame.

Included:  A two – four hour, post consultation assessment and composure of detailed summary sent via email within 24 hours of our meeting.  You can relax knowing you will have the answers to your questions and my recommendations in written format for future reference.


2016 Follow-up Session Fees  $72 – $90/hr Current Special: $60 – $75/hr

  • Individual one hour sessions – $75
  • Package of three hours – SAVE 5% – $71.25/hr
  • Package of six hours – SAVE 10% -$67.50/hr
  • Package of nine hours – SAVE 15% – $63.75/hr
  • Package of twelve hours – SAVE 20% – $60.00/hr

Included:  Step-by-step details, guidance, and email support as you move forward toward your individualized nutrition and wellness goals.

Please click HERE for a list of suggested session topics and to learn more about my comprehensive Wellness Program.

 All clients are grandfathered into the hourly rate at which they began — regardless of subsequent fee increases which periodically occur.


Seven Part Webinar Series: “Filtering the Cloud of Confusion” — $180

I have composed a package of seven core lessons.  Each is between 40 and 70 minutes in length, and the cost for the series is $180 which breaks down to roughly $25 per webinar.

This series encompasses the core, nutrition principles necessary to rebuild and maintain human health. The webinars include the most current, relevant, nutrition information available — based solely on the anatomy and physiology of the human body — without any skew from the food or pharmaceutical industries. This affordable, seven session course is for anyone who is confused about what to eat, and ready to understand how particular foods and various eating styles contribute to or degrade human heath.  All information is presented and explained in the most simple terms for easy comprehension.

For more details on this program:  webinar-series

 All those who view my webinar series enjoy a $10 HOURLY DISCOUNT on all follow-up sessions!


NEW OFFERING: 30 For $30 on Thursdays — $30

For those who prefer an abbreviated session, I am now offering 30 minute consultations on Thursdays at a reduced rate of $30.

How do these sessions differ from traditional consultations?  These shorter meetings will be somewhat limited in scope due to the time constraint.  The client is responsible for taking notes during the session as there is no post consultation assessment, evaluation, written summary, nor any follow-up email support after or in-between sessions — all of which are included with my regular consultations.  The 30 minutes of our meeting is the total amount of time allotted to the client.  My hope is that I will be able to answer questions, provide clarification in regard to confusing nutrition topics, and offer sound advice to those who need guidance but do not wish to have a complete, individualized assessment.  These shorter, 30-minute sessions are conducted via phone and Skype only (office visits are reserved for regular consultations).

This service is available to all, without the need for a New Client Consultation.


Referral Policy:

Clients receive a $10 credit each time they refer a friend who undergoes a new client consultation.  The credit can be applied toward your next consultation or a product purchase — whichever you prefer.

Feel free to browse the complete listing of all currently available DISCOUNTS & SPECIALS.


Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates are available in any denomination, and are a very thoughtful gift for someone interested in improving their health through nutrition.  In most cases, I can email the gift certificate to you or directly to the recipient on the same day as the request.  Simply email me at diane@realfoodtastesgood.com to work out the details.


Cancellation Policy:

I respect the fact that sometimes things come up at the last-minute.  In turn, I ask that you respect the fact that I spend a substantial amount of time preparing for meetings and work around a tight schedule.  Whenever possible I appreciate being notified 24 hours prior to your appointment if you need to cancel.



I accept cash, personal check, money order, or credit card payments via PayPal.

Clients are responsible for any fees associated with returned checks.


Insurance Coverage:

Insurance does not cover my services because they are preventative and natural in nature.  If your company has a flex spending and/or health savings account (HSA), you can often use these monies to pay for health care services of your choice and/or nutritional supplements. If you do not currently have one of these accounts, ask your employer if this is an option for you.