Webinar Series

Filtering The Cloud Of Confusion

Nutrition for the 21st Century


This Webinar Series encompasses the core, nutrition principles necessary to rebuild human health.  It includes the most current, relevant, nutrition information available — based solely on the anatomy and physiology of the human body — without any skew from the food or pharmaceutical industries. This affordable, seven session course is for anyone who is confused about what to eat, and ready to understand how particular foods and various eating styles contribute to or degrade human heath.  All information is presented and explained in the most simple terms for easy comprehension.  


I am absolutely thrilled to now be offering Webinar presentations which will enable me to reach a larger number of people in need of nutritional guidance.

I have composed a package of seven core lessons.  Each of the webinars are 40-70 minutes in length and can be viewed on a day and time of your choosing, in the convenience of your own home.


Who Will Benefit From This Program?


  • Those trying to do their best but generally confused as to what to eat
  • Those ready for change but not quite sure where to begin
  • Those who have been trying various dietary strategies and still don’t feel well
  • Those with a sluggish metabolism
  • Those with blood sugar issues
  • Those with energy and mood issues
  • Those with hormonal imbalance
  • Those with digestive issues
  • Those with thyroid impairment
  • Those with weight management issues
  • Those who want to learn the lesser known, buried, nutrition and health perspectives that could be the missing links they’ve been looking for
Whether you’re starting at the very beginning, or have been studying nutrition you’re entire life, my webinar program may very well knock you right out of your chair, and perhaps, change your life.  This is a rare learning opportunity I hope many of you will take advantage of.

The nutrition and wellness perspectives I’ll be presenting throughout the webinar series are rarely heard — even within the natural health care community — and desperately in need of our consideration.  You will walk away from the program with information useful and relevant for the rest of your life.


What This Program Is NOT:


  • The run-of-the-mill nutrition/health advice you’ve already heard over and over
  • Comprised of “fluff” that wastes your time and money
  • A sales pitch trying to sell a product


How Does It Work?


  • The Webinars will be presented in the order listed below, at the convenience of the individual. Each individual has the flexibility to choose the days and times they’d like to view the webinars.  In other words, you can view the entire series within one week by watching one webinar per day for seven days straight, or spread them out any way that works best for your schedule.
  • The fee is $180 for the seven Webinar package — which breaks down to roughly $25 per class.  Payment may be made via PayPal (you will receive a payment request) or by check, prior to the first Webinar.  The Webinars are interconnected and only available as a package (not individually).
  • Please scroll down to register for the program.


Webinar Topics:


Part 1:  Foundational Concepts

  • This Webinar introduces many of the core nutrition and wellness principles that need to be understood in order to proceed to the more detailed information included in subsequent Webinars.

Part 2:  Fats

  • Learn how to avoid the single most detrimental component in our modern diet – The center of degeneration and disease.  Are “essential fatty acids” truly essential to your diet?  Learn the surprising truth about which fats support human health.

Part 3:  Carbohydrates

  • High carb?  Low carb?  No Carb?  Gain an understanding of this seemingly confusing macronutrient and learn how to use it wisely.

Part 4:  Protein

  • Learn how to harness the healing and anti-aging power of this essential macronutrient while avoiding inflammation.  How much is enough?  What about protein powders?  Animal vs. plant protein?  Children’s needs vs. adults?

Part 5:  Dairy

  • Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Learn how to avoid and potentially reverse Dairy Intolerance, and become familiar with what to look for and what to steer clear of.

Part 6:  Sugar and Salt

  • Are they really the devils they’re made out to be?  Learn the truth about these demonized foods.

Part 7:  Balancing Blood Sugar

  • Learn how to put it all together in this critical, first step on the road to wellness.


Questions?  Concerns?


Please email me and I will be happy to address any uncertainties you may have about the program.




To Register For The Program:

I will be in contact with you shortly after you register to set up your personalized viewing schedule.