Whole Wheat Bread (machine)

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(egg free)

26 & 1/2 oz whole wheat flour
2 & 1/2 tsp sea salt
2 & 1/2 TBSP dry milk**
3 & 1/8 TBSP butter
2 & 1/2 TBSP molasses
17 & 1/2 oz water
1 & 3/4 tsp dry yeast

Place all ingredients in bread machine pan in the order recommended by your machine manual. Set on whole wheat setting.


~ Baking bread makes the house smell really good =)

~ Anyone & their brother can do it, so don’t think you have to be some sort of rare breed to make a loaf of bread. It takes about 10 minutes to measure out the ingredients, dump them in the bread pan & push a few buttons. Then, presto, 5 hours later ~ a beautiful loaf of bread. The machine even has a timer if you want to put your ingredients in at night & wake up to fresh bread in the morning. The only thing you have to be careful with is measuring as accurately as possible. With most recipes a little more or a little less is fine. When baking bread in a machine, you want to follow the recipe as closely as possible. If you intend to use the bread for sandwiches, you’ll need a slicing guide & electric knife (see photo above). I went at my first loaf with a regular serrated knife, sawing away. Needless to say, my slices were twice as thick as they should have been and quite lumpy – just doesn’t work w/o the guide. I’ve had a few different bread machines over the years. The one I currently have is awesome & easy to use in every way (Panosonic YS280). Little measuring glasses (as shown above) come in really handy when measuring something like 3 TBSP of honey…etc.

~ When measuring flour (and this goes for any recipe that calls for flour), gently spoon it into your measuring cup. Do not pack it in tightly, nor should you use the measuring cup itself to scoop it out of the flour container as this will give you too much flour.

~ If you have a Vitamix with the dry carafe, you can make your own, fresh flour in 1 minute (literally). And if you want to go the full distance, increasing the nutritional value and digestibility even more, you can soak your wheatberries & dry them in a dehydrator before grinding into flour (more on this another time).

~ These 2 bread machine recipes (multi-grain & 100% whole wheat) are ones I made once a week for years & years. Haven’t made them in a long time though, as we tend to stay away from wheat as much as possible these days. They’re both great recipes if you do well with wheat.

**The only problem I have with this recipe (knowing more now than I did when I used to make this) is the powdered milk which is not a good food choice (powdered milk & powdered eggs contain oxidized cholesterol which is bad news).  I honestly don’t know if there’a a viable substitute for powdered milk, but you can try omitting it altogether & see what happens.  If anyone knows of a good substitute, please let us know!  =)

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