Basic Fried Tempeh

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In case anyone is avoiding tempeh because they simply don’t know how to handle it, I hope these photos help

It’s certainly not the only way to prepare tempeh, but one of the easy, versatile ways we enjoy it.

First, cut tempeh in half right through the plastic. Then squeeze out each half (gently pushing from the ends).

Next, cut each half again so you have 4 quarters.

Stand each quarter on its side and slice in half.

You should now have 8 thin slices of tempeh.

Heat oil of choice over medium heat in a large saute pan and saute a few chopped up cloves of garlic for a minute or 2, until just golden. Remove garlic from pan (but leave oil). Add tempeh slices to pan and lightly brown on each side (may need to add a little more oil). Combine one to two tablespoons each of soy sauce and water, and add the mixture to the pan (will make a loud hissing sound). Cook a minute or 2 longer on each side and serve.

The type of oil really depends on what you’ll be eating the tempeh with. If we’re having an Italian dish with marinara sauce, we’ll use olive oil. If we’re having an Asian dish, sesame oil works well. Coconut oil is also great for Asian (especially Thai) style dishes (or you can use a combination of oils for a more complex flavor).

Serve the tempeh with garlic over the top (and any sauce you’ve prepared [if any] for the rest of the meal).

We usually use 2 packages for the 4 of us.

If you have a 5 quart saute pan (shown above), you’ll be able to fit in all 8 pieces at once.

Tempeh prepared this way is perfect for TEMPEH-REUBENS (a family favorite in our house).

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