Too many bananas sitting around?

Posted by on Feb 6, 2011 | Comments Off on Too many bananas sitting around?

If you find yourself with an excess of bananas, [if you have a food processor or vitamix) cut them into small chunks and freeze for later use in this recipe:

~  1-minute-ice-cream


Use them up with one or more of these yummy food combinations:

~  Slice them over your favorite-pancakes instead of using syrup

~  yogurt-banana-cinnamon

~  grown-up-pbj

~  chocolate-covered-bananas

~  apple-(or banana)-cinnamon-walnut-pancakes

~  chocolate-y-oatmeal

~  buckwheat-porridge

~  banana-cinnamon-ice-pops

~  banana-almond-milk-smoothie

~  coffee-smoothie

~  hemp-milk-smoothie

~  hot-buckwheat-banana-cereal

~  banana-nut-bread

~  banana-bliss-pancakes

~  banana-whipped-cream-refrigerator-cake

~  eggnog-smoothie

~  spread your favorite nut-butter on one

~  banana-caramel-crumble

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