Metabolic Typing

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All metabolic activity takes place at the cellular level. Each cell in your body is like a biochemical factory whose primary task is to turn the food and nutrients you consume into energy for all of the life-supporting (metabolic) activities your body carries out.  The quality of our health is largely dependent on the rate, quality and amount of energy available to our metabolic processes.  To optimize our energy production, we need a full spectrum of nutrients.  But different people have genetically programmed requirements for different amounts of various nutrients.


This is where Metabolic Typing comes in – A technology that takes the guess work out of nutritional science.   It’s a system that can be used to cut rapidly through the information overflow of confusing fact and opinion in order to identify your own unique nutritional requirements.  It’s an extremely logical methodology that provides what has long been needed:  a systematic, testable, repeatable, verifiable means for each of us to find an answer to the question “What’s right for me?”

As an overview, here’s a sneak peak of the Welcome letter from Healthexcel that accompanies the individualized results report.

The hallmark of The Healthexcel Metabolic Typing Program is understanding. Without proper understanding of both what you are doing and what your experiences mean, the chances are slim that you will achieve your goals regarding good health and well-being. After all, no one sticks with something that they don’t understand.


Your Metabolic Typing Program is not a treatment or a remedy for a specific condition. Rather, it is a process that can lead you form where you currently are in your health, to greater metabolic balance and efficiency. This results in increased energy, well-being and, in a word, GOOD-HEALTH.


Your Metabolic Typing Program Guide is designed as a reference to fulfill the need for information. Herein you will find data concerning the results of your Metabolic Typing Analysis. You’ll also find all the practical information you need in order to successfully follow your program. It’s the nearest thing there is to an “Owner’s Manual” for the human body, as it will teach you how to understand your body’s needs and explain to you how to fulfill them in order to be healthy for the rest of your life.


Very little information of a philosophical nature is presented. We’ve only given you the essential, practical information you need to know in order to work successfully with your program. It is important that you, with the help of your Metabolic Typing Advisor, become familiar with its contents.


However, there’s no rush. And you don’t have to memorize anything. You won’t be tested on the information! But in an easy, natural way, you should go over the information and slowly but surely begin to incorporate all of the recommendations into your lifestyle.


We are, as human beings, truly magnificent creations. Within us, there’s an unlimited potential, an unbounded source of energy and intelligence. And, next to life itself, we’ve been granted a most wondrous gift – our free will – and a mighty and potent boon it is, far more than perhaps most of us realize!


Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are fully in charge of your life. You are the architect of your own destiny, the creator of your own reality. And as such, your life, and your health, are your responsibility. No one can take on this responsibility for you. The responsibility for your health is yours, and yours alone.


If you want to unfold your full potential, then it’s up to you to find out what is right for you and go after it. No one can do this for you. It takes determination and dedication, but rest assured, the rewards are well worth it.


Your Metabolic Typing Program provides direction and expertise. It can help you to understand your individuality and to learn what you need to do to obtain optimum health – the determination to do something about it is up to you!

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