Organic Bell Pepper tip…

Posted by on Apr 14, 2012 | Comments Off on Organic Bell Pepper tip…

While it’s best to eat local and seasonal, some of us don’t always want to wait until the end of summer for those sweet, delicious, red bell peppers. I may be making a big pot of chili on a blustery February night, and need a pepper!

Unfortunately, according to the EWG, bell peppers are one of the “dirty dozen” (the 12 vegetables that hold the heaviest pesticide residue), so the average, grocery-store kind are pretty unappetizing to me.  On the up side, many grocery stores sell organic peppers on a fairly regular basis. The only problem is that more often than not, the year-round grocery store selection is lackluster – I can’t always find good ones when I need them.  Shriveled, wrinkly, mushy, bell peppers are not my idea of good eats, whether they’re organic or not.


When I happen to notice a good batch of fresh, firm, organic peppers, I buy several of them, even if I don’t need them right away.  I wash and dry them well, then freeze them whole – as is – in a sealed container or freezer bag.  If you’re cooking with them, no need to thaw ahead of time, as they’re very easy to slice/chop straight from the freezer (though your fingers will get cold).  I don’t know exactly how long they’ll last in the freezer, as I usually use them up within a month or two, but I can tell you they last at least that long, maybe longer.

Not a perfect solution, but an adequate one that happens to work for me. Thought I’d share !

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