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The Need for Detoxification

It’s no secret that our world has become polluted.  There are noble efforts by various groups to make it better, but simply put – toxic chemicals are everywhere.  Even if there was suddenly a worldwide ban on all toxic chemicals, residue would remain for decades, perhaps even centuries.  Since we cannot completely remove toxins from our environment, nor can we completely avoid them in our everyday life, we must learn to deal with them the best we can.  We can do this by making sensible lifestyle choices and using periodic detoxification methods.  Detoxification will purge harmful substances from your body, including poisons that may have been accumulating for decades.


The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself.  We get a cut, break a bone, tear a muscle, or get a bacterial infection, and the body immediately goes to work to repair the damage. We develop symptoms (mucus discharge, fever, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, etc.) to fight and remove harmful substances.  The body knows what to do in every case–no matter how old it is.  The only time the body makes mistakes (such as in autoimmune diseases) is when it is over-encumbered with toxins, or functionally damaged by injury or other negative factors which alter the body’s normal processes.  If the body is healthy, it can quickly heal injury and ward off countless diseases without suffering symptoms of sickness. When our bodies are weakened by toxic accumulation and stress, and lack essential nutrients, our resistance to infection is decreased, sickness is more severe and more frequent, and recovery is slow.


Given the chance, the body will eliminate harmful toxins that weaken our immune system and cause degenerative conditions to develop.  The body will heal, replacing damaged, diseased tissues with new healthy cells.  But as long as irritating contaminants remain in the tissues and new toxins are continually added, recovery is impossible.  Surgically removing a cancerous growth, for example, from one part of the body may relieve pain, but will not eliminate the cause of the cancer.  The disease causing factors remain, irritating other tissues, and eventually the cancer may return.  Removing the symptoms of disease does not cure the disease.  The only way to remove the cause of degenerative disease is to allow the body to cleanse itself.  Surgery won’t do this, drugs won’t do this, radiation won’t do this.  It has to be done internally.


Using a variety of drugless, natural detoxification methods, harmful poisons can be extracted from the body and eliminated.  The body then can repair and rebuild itself with healthy tissues, thus overcoming deteriorating conditions.


Who Needs To Cleanse?

How do you know if you need to detoxify your body?  If you have any serious degenerative condition, you have a toxic accumulation problem.  But most people have not experienced any “serious” or life-threatening health problems; does that mean they are in good health? Not necessarily.  If you eat a diet composed of typical grocery store and restaurant foods, chances are you are in need of detoxification.  If you have any degenerative health problems, no matter how minor they may seem, you have excess toxins stored in your body. Some of the symptoms of toxic overload include: constipation, fatigue, skin problems (acne, psoriasis, eczema), back pain, body odor, bad breath, poor digestion, gas, excess body weight, poor memory, depression, allergies, frequent illnesses (ear infections, colds, etc.), irritability, restlessness, lack of endurance, reproductive problems, and any other annoying condition that a “healthy” body should not have.  Through detoxification you can rid yourself of these dis-ease conditions and enjoy symptom-free health for life.


Please keep in mind that detoxification programs are not offered as cures for disease.  They are designed to support and encourage the body’s own inherent healing power to accomplish this task.  There is no practitioner, no procedure, no vitamin, no herb, or drug that can cure disease.  Cure comes only through the body’s natural healing processes. Detoxification programs are aimed at assisting in these processes by eliminating the causes of disease and creating conditions that encourage the body’s own healing forces to bring about healing.

Information sourced from Bruce Fife, N.D., internationally recognized expert on health and head of the not-for-profit coconut research center.

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