Electromagnetic Radiation

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Electromagnetic Radiation  –  Why it Matters:

You might be surprised to know that everything your body did today was made possible by electricity.  The organic computer, known as your brain, that runs the whole show, emits waves that are electrical.  All the sensory information (like hunger and pain) it sends and receives is electrical.  This includes the neurons that discharge when you move a muscle, the signals that tell your body to heal a wound, and even the beat of your heart.


The electromagnetism of the body is so crucial to our functioning that even conventional medicine uses it on a daily basis in diagnostic testing.  Every single electron, cell, tissue, and organ in your body carries a very specific frequency or range of frequencies–an electronic signature–that can be measured.  This principle is utilized in some of the most accurate and life-saving diagnostic procedures from the electrocardiogram for the heart, the electroencephalogram for the brain, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the body.


It seems that in addition to being physical beings, on a more basic level, we are beings of energy whose chemical processes are dependent upon the free flow of that energy through our bodies.  Findings in the field of physics have confirmed this, beginning with Einstein’s discovery that matter and energy are basically interchangeable.


The findings of modern physics are now echoing those of traditional chinese medicine. Both suggest that our bodies are essentially a composite of billions or even trillions of frequencies.  These frequencies are expressed in the form of cells, organs, and tissues, which are constantly vibrating and communicating with each other – and the external environment.


We are wired to respond to the electromagnetic forces in the universe, from the fields surrounding far-off celestial bodies, to the vibes we pick up from each other, to the radio waves from the thousands of cell towers that dot the landscape.


Coming to terms with this basic knowledge can help us to understand how the bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies we’re experiencing in this day and age of technology can most certainly have an effect on our long-term health and well-being.


We, and the universe we live in, produce and operate in a sea of both natural and unnatural electrical and magnetic fields.  It is known that there is a very narrow range of electromagnetic frequencies to which the brain cells of animals and humans respond favorably, and it roughly matches the frequencies produced naturally by our world.  In recent decades, the scale has become abnormally tipped as technology advances, and more and more, we’re surrounded by a barrage of EMF pollution every where we go.


“Electropollution” is slang for the unseen, unfelt, and unnatural EMFs – the electromagnetic fields generated by everything from high-tension electrical wires and wiring in the walls of homes/offices, to cell phones and wireless routers (and everything in-between).  Some people are highly sensitive–allergic, you might say–to EMF emissions.  They can develop headaches, arthritic pain, insomnia, chest discomfort, heart arrhythmias, anxiety, and depression.  Others may not show an obvious, acute sensitivity, but are unknowingly exposing themselves to something that has the potential to manifest quite unpleasantly in years to come.


All things considered, our technological world is not likely to slow down any time soon, and likewise, none of us really want to give up our gadgets of convenience.  Living safely with technology, although somewhat of a balancing act, is definitely possible.  With just a little bit of knowledge we can make informed decisions, easily avoiding unnecessary risks to our health.  You may not be able to see electropollution, but your body responds to it as though it were a cloud of toxic chemicals or a glass of water contaminated with a heavy metal. Invisible or not, poison is poison.


This invisible pollution not only creates free radical damage – degrading the body, and accelerating the aging process – it reduces the body’s ability to heal itself from that same damage.


If it’s so dangerous, why are we not being told and not being protected?


Unfortunately, the story is not new.  Many of the largest sources of EMF radiation are tied to multi-billion dollar industries.  Enough said.


The purpose of this assessment is to review your particular environment, be sure you’re aware of the various, simple precautions you can take to reduce unnecessary EMF exposure, and ultimately, show you the best way to live with technology so you can prevent and even reverse its negative side effects.

Information sourced from Ann Louise Gittleman, EMF expert and author of over 30 books on all areas of health and nutrition.

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