Ends Meat

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OK, this isn’t a real recipe, but laughter is good nutrition too, so I thought I’d share a quickie……


1977 – Mrs. Marshall’s third-grade class:  I received my graded essay back with only three spelling mistakes (which was pretty good for me).  As I turned the pages to see where I lost points… Oh wow – I realized Mrs. Marshall had actually made a mistake! One of the words she had marked with a big red check was definitely spelled correctly.

Just as I started to raise my hand to point this out, in an instant, my cheeks turned bright red, and the hand that was going up took a quick u-turn, returning promptly to my lap.

The sentence in question read something like… “The poor woman was having such a hard time, that she could barely make ends meat.”

My entire life (which I guess was only 8 years at that point) I thought that expression referred to someone who was so poor, that they couldn’t even afford the cheapest, peasant food – ends meat.

Of course, my teacher thought it was a spelling error.  I’m sure I would have gotten my 2 points back if only I had the guts to tell her.


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