My Wellness Program

My wellness program is centered around education, and addressing the root cause of what we are all trying to avoid – physical degeneration.  There are a lot of names and subcategories of illness out there, but ultimately, problems always stem from repeated exposure to indigestible foods, and other stressors – both physical and emotional – that weaken cells, slow metabolism, increase stress hormones, and accelerate aging.

The purpose of my program is to help you learn the truth about how to maintain or regain health – and the fact of the matter is – this truth will vary from person to person.


Can we stop the aging process?  No.  Can we learn how to take the brick off the accelerator, and age gracefully with all bodily processes intact? Absolutely.

Degenerative disease is devastating and heart breaking.  In most cases, it’s also optional.  The steady rise in chronic illness we’ve been experiencing over the past several decades is largely a result of widespread, misinformation due to the politics of big business.  Prevention is key, but sometimes seems unimportant until a problem surfaces. If your health is currently not what you hoped it would be, it is not your fault. But be aware that you are the only person who can fix it.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, or depend on the latest miracle pill — unless relying on luck in a failing system is good enough for you.

My program is rooted in real science.  It will empower you with information you’ll use for a lifetime, and takes into account that fact that what you eat is only part of the story.  How you eat, and your overall mindset can have a profound effect on healing and wellness.  In the end, you will walk away with both a comprehensive overview of your needs, as well as practical information on how to integrate theory into every day life – custom tailored to your specific needs.

Programs are composed of three to twelve sessions (see individual session topics below).  Though keep in mind, there is no obligation to sign up for a program. You can simply take one session at a time and decide for yourself whether or not you’d like to proceed to the next step.

While there’s a general sequence in which information flows, you can pick and choose any specific topic(s) that interests you, without having to start in any particular place. During your initial consultation, we can discuss which areas are most important for you to address based on your individualized needs.  The sessions work best on a weekly frequency, but can be done monthly, or anything in between depending on your preference.

Healing is a process and takes time, but anyone can begin at any time.  It’s just a matter of taking the first step.

As long as you have a phone and email address, we can work together regardless of location.


What I Do — An Overview:

  • Customize your diet to meet your unique biochemical needs
  • Correct blood sugar and hormone imbalance
  • Facilitate natural weight management without calorie counting, deprivation, or excessive exercise
  • Strengthen and revitalize your digestive system
  • Address the mind/body connection and emotional components of healing and wellness
  • Recommend gentle detoxification therapies to boost immunity and accelerate healing
  • Identify your Metabolic Type and help you use the information to your benefit
  • Provide blood work recommendations and interpretation
  • Determine priority issues and areas of high stress
  • Offer insight on natural therapies for chronic conditions
  • Propose individualized supplement recommendations via energetic testing
  • Identify blocking factors preventing you from reaching your wellness goals
  • Help rid your environment of unnecessary toxins including electromagnetic radiation
  • Answer your health and nutrition questions with easy to understand explanations
  • Assist with healthy family meal planning

If weight management is a concern of yours, I have good news.  Gradual, lasting weight loss is a natural side effect of my program.  It will just happen as you begin to incorporate proper nutrition and lifestyle principles into daily life.  It does not involve eating fewer calories or excessive exercise — both of which can actually cause weight gain by damaging your metabolism.  Many of the foods you’ve been depriving yourself of or eating with guilt can be enjoyed without worry or negative consequence.


Key topics you may be interested in discussing:

  • Adapting to a gluten-free lifestyle
  • Addressing food sensitivities
  • The importance of ample, high-quality protein for tissue regeneration and healing
  • How to avoid the type of fat that is slowly poisoning our cells and metabolism
  • Why eating enough carbohydrate is essential and how to choose the right type
  • How to reduce and avoid the negative effects of stress and anxiety
  • Hormones:  Reducing the bad and increasing the good
  • Why the thyroid is the most important gland in the body and how to support it to maintain (or  regain) health
  • How to use exercise to help instead of hurt
  • The truth about why cholesterol can sky-rocket, and how to lower it naturally by addressing the underlying causes
  • The importance of sunlight and the truth about what really causes skin cancer and age pigmentation
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Addressing leaky gut syndrome
  • How to use real food supplements safely when food itself doesn’t get you the full distance
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Infant/child nutrition
  • Sports nutrition
  • Pet nutrition


Some of the results you can expect as you progress through my program:

  • More energy
  • Weight management (especially a reduction in the mid-section/spare tire area)
  • Reduced cravings
  • Improved digestion (less gas, bloating, constipation, reflux, etc…)
  • Improved sleep
  • Normalized blood levels (cholesterol, thyroid, glucose, etc…)
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Balanced hormones
  • Better mood and increased feelings of happiness


Pricing Information:


Please click the following link:  Fee-schedule


Please keep in mind, the most important way I can help you is through education and practical advice based on your specific needs. A phone for talking and computer for sending information is all that is required.

However, if you’d like details on the various, optional tools and techniques available for use during the sessions, please visit the following links:

Mind-Body Nutrition

Metabolic Typing


Quantum Reflex Analysis

“Diane – I appreciate all that you’ve done so far. I understand food – but putting it all together cohesively was the challenge. Now I see that I can lose weight, keep my blood sugar under control, and eat most of the foods I enjoy – the rest is an adventure” —Client after finishing up a six session package