Storing Greens for Ease

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I’m not always in the mood (or don’t always have the time) to wash, stem, and chop greens on the fly.  For busy days, a home cooked dinner can only happen if I have a few things on hand that I can grab and just toss into a pan.

When I came home from the farmer’s market last week with 2 beautiful bunches of fresh kale and 2 bunches of beets (w/ greens attached), this is what I did to make life easy for the rest of the week….


I removed the stems (simply lay each leaf down with the stem facing right & the leaves facing left to do this with one easy slice).


Then I used my hands to roughly tear up the leaves and tossed them into a large, over-the-sink-colander.  After rinsing the leaves thoroughly in cool water, I spun them in a salad spinner to remove most of the water (you can also gently pat them down with a clean towel or paper towels).


I then lined a gallon sized storage bag with paper towels (use 2 paper towels – still attached to each other).


And then, of course, I placed the leaves in the bag for easy use throughout the week.


1 large bunch of kale will yield roughly two 6 oz bags of greens, so including my beet greens, I ended up with 5 bags of greens — stemmed, chopped, washed, dried, and ready to go.


A few ways I’ve recently used my “just toss ’em in a pan” greens…..


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